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Philips FR2/FR2+ Long-Life Replacement Battery

SKU: M3863A


Product Description

Description What is the expiration date for a Philips FR2 AED battery? Great question and very important. Philips FR2 battery M3863A has a 4 year stand-by life (life while installed in the AED and in stand-by mode). The M3863A battery has an ‘install by date’ printed on it. The install date is generally 5 years out from the date of purchase. This means you have a 5 year shelf life (new and uninstalled). So the expected expiration date is 4 years from the date you install your battery as long as you install the battery within the ‘install by date’. For help keeping track of your AED battery and pads expiration dates please use our FREE online AED management tool, . Philips HeartStart FR2 battery in stock and available for immediate shipping. In addition to great pricing and immediate shipping on Philips FRX AED pads you will also receive unlimited access to our AED management tool, This tool will help you organize your AED program as well as send email notifications as to AED pads and battery expirations to help ensure your AED pads and batteries are ready when needed the most . Additional Information: U.S. airline customers should order the FAA-certified version of this battery (989803136291).


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