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Heartsmart AED Wall Cabinet



Product Description

What’s Included:

  • Choice of AED Cabinet (small or large)
  • Optional alarm systems with keys
  • Batteries
  • Heartsmart CPR Key Chain
  • Multi surface installation instructions
  • Multi surface hardware for installation
  • UPS Ground Shipping (lower 48 States)


  • Two size options to accommodate any AED
  • Optional alarm systems
  • 20 gauge cold rolled steel construction
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Graphics: DEFIBRILLATOR, Warning Alarmed System
  • Clear acrylic window
  • Magnetic door latch

Description Heartsmart’s AED Wall Cabinet is available in two sizes to accommodate all AED sizes – small and large. Of course all AEDs will fit into our large AED cabinet however the small AED cabinet is designed specifically for smaller AEDs in cases where a compact cabinet is beneficial for reasons of space limitations or aesthetics.

Our large AED cabinet is required for the following AED models:

All Zoll AEDs, All Cardiac Science AEDs, All Physio Control LIFEPAK AEDs, Defibtech Lifeline AEDs DDU-100, 110, 120 and 130.

Our small AED cabinet is recommended for the following AED models:

All Philips AEDs, All Heartsine AEDs and Defibtech VIEW AEDs. If you are not sure which AED cabinet size to choose please Call or Chat with Here are a few examples. AED Cabinet Alarm Options Heartsmart’s AED Wall Cabinet is available with three alarm system options:

No Alarm option

Suitable for AED storage in areas where having an audible alarm to alert others that an emergency situation is currently happening and or theft and vandalism are not a concern.

Audible Alarm option

A keyed alarm system that when set will sound off when the AED cabinet door is opened. This alarm has a high decibel level at 80-120 dB. The alarm system is designed to deter theft and to notify those in the vicinity of a possible emergency. Please note that as an industry standard AED cabinets are not lockable to ensure that AEDs are never unavailable in an emergency.

Strobed Alarm option

This alarm option includes the same functions and features as described above for the Audible Alarm system with the added benefit of a strobe light. This alarm option is recommended for placement in any area where noise levels are high enough to render an audible alarm inadequate or insufficient. If you are not sure which Alarm Option to choose please Call or Chat with us. Here are a few examples. Dimensions:

Small Cabinet

Width: 14′ Height: 11 5/8′ Depth: 6′

Large Cabinet

Width: 16′ Height: 14 5/8′ Depth: 8 3/8′

Cabinet Specifications Chart


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