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Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Adult AED Pads

SKU: DDP-2001


Product Description

Description Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Adult AED Pads Details: Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Adult Pads DDP-2001 are for use on patients over the age of 8 years. Defibtech Lifeline VIEW child/pediatric AED pads can be found here. Defibtech View AED electrode pads have a lifediv of 2 years. Each set of pads ships with the pads expiration date printed on the pads package. Defibtech VIEW AED Pads are intended for a single use and for that reason it is recommended to purchase and have a replacement set of pads stored with the AED and ready for use. For help keeping track of your Defibtech VIEW AED batteries and pads expiration dates please use our FREE online AED management tool, Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED Pads DDP-2001 are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Adult AED Pads DDP-2001 are for use with Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AEDs. Defibtech VIEW AED Pads should only be purchased from Authorized Defibtech Dealers. is an Authorized Master Stocking Distributor for All AED manufacturers including Defibtech. In addition to great pricing and immediate shipping on Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Adult AED Pads, you will also receive unlimited access to our AED management tool, This tool will help you organize your AED program as well as send email notifications as to AED pads and battery expirations to help ensure your AED pads and batteries are ready when needed the most.


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