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Defibtech Lifeline AED Battery – 5 year

SKU: DCF-200


Product Description

Description Defibtech Lifeline 5-year AED Battery Pack Details: Defibtech Lifeline Battery DCF-200 includes the primary battery DBP-1400 and the lithium 9-volt battery DAC-410. The primary battery DBP-1400 powers the AEDs primary functions including analyzing and defibrillation during a rescue and the 9-volt battery powers the AEDs self-testing features. Together both of these Defibtech AED batteries make up the Defibtech Battery Pack DCF-200. The primary Defibtech Battery has a stand-by life of 5 years installed and can deliver up to 125 shocks or 8 hours of continuous monitoring and or rescue operations. The 7-year Defibtech AED battery is also available and can be found here, DCF-210. Either battery includes a 4-year guarantee from date of purchase. What is the expiration date for my Defibtech AED Battery? That is an important question. An expiration date is printed on every Defibtech AED Battery and can be found on the manufacturers label affixed to each battery. Please be aware that although the primary battery DBP-1400 is rated for 5 years the 9-volt lithium battery will need to be replaced once every 6-12 months. If the 9-volt battery is depleted the AED can still be used and will still deliver a shock as long as the primary battery is still good at that time. If either of the DCF-200 batteries needs to be replaced the AED will chirp and the status indicator will flash red rather than green. To determine which battery is causing the alert simply press the power button down for 2 seconds and release. The AED will then verbally report whether it is the 9-volt which needs to be replaced or the complete DCF-200 battery by stating either ‘replace 9-volt’ or ‘replace battery’. For help keeping track of your Defibtech AED batteries and pads expiration dates please use our FREE online AED management tool, Defibtech Lifeline Battery DCF-200 is in stock and available for immediate shipping. Defibtech Lifeline AED Batteries DCF-200 are for use with Defibtech Lifeline Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic AEDs. Defibtech AED batteries should only be purchased from Authorized Defibtech Dealers. is an Authorized Master Stocking Distributor for All AED manufacturers including Defibtech. In addition to great pricing and immediate shipping on Defibtech AED batteries you will also receive unlimited access to our AED management tool, This tool will help you organize your AED program as well as send email notifications as to AED pads and battery expirations to help ensure your AED pads and batteries are ready when needed the most.


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